The Village Speaks

Listen, before I say anything about this seasoning just go ahead over to the Chef Karter page and order you some of this seasoning. Let’s get that out the way first.

This seasoning right here is what you would consider magic. You can see all the ingredients on the label and still not understand how it works so well. This seasoning is just as important as salt and pepper and even hot sauce, it’s a necessity to have in your kitchen. We put the KITCHEN SINK seasoning on everything, and I mean everything. I even put it on my chips. The beautiful thing about it is that you cannot over season anything. The flavors work so well together that no matter how much you use it balances out. The sweet Cajun is what we use when we tryna get fancy and put a little class on some salmon or pasta dish but it works on anything, even steaks. don’t be fooled by the unopened bottle cause we still working from our last bottle. If you need to clear out your seasoning cabinet then go ahead and order you some of this kitchen sink and sweet Cajun cause it’s multipurpose and if we’re being honest all you would really even need. And the dope thing about purchasing from them is that they are an entire family of small business owners all the way down to the kids.

-Marcus Page

Ordered the combo on last week. It came with the kitchen sink and sweet Cajun. It arrived quickly. The packaging is aesthetically pleasing. The product itself is PHENOMENAL! The Sweet Cajun is easily a new fav! The Kitchen Sink is definitely a go to! These seasonings literally make me want to get in the kitchen and cook.

-Ce DeAndra

Get the two pack and support an up and coming chef. As a high school culinary instructor, I love to see this! His seasonings are delicious and made with some of the finest ingredients. I like to use The Kitchen Sink on my eggs in the morning. The Sweet Cajun is what I like to use for fish, shrimp and crab legs. It’s delicious and you won’t regret it!

-Asya D. Love-Wynn

The seasoning came on time, the best part of it all is the taste, I can taste every last ingredient because of the freshness. the mild heat in the kitchen sink is delectable . Sweet Cajun is awesome on popcorn, try it. Good job Chef.

--Yahchebed Franklin

I ordered Chef Karter’s kitchen sink seasoning a little less than two weeks ago. I received it in 2 days. I used it to season porks and chicken. It’s a seasoning that’s different from anything that you can buy in the store. I love it because it’s not too salty but very flavorful! Way to go Chef Karter!

-B Nicole Amos

"I got my order yesterday and couldn't wait to try it. It's the BEST seasoning I've had in a long time and it's LOW would never know this as it so flavorful. So if you need to reduce salt from your diet and demand all the flavor check out Chef Karter he's got you covered. Fried fish and shrimp was amazing!"
-Louise Crawford