Behind Chef Karter

 Meet Santana, Mom of the Tribe

Santana is the Momager, Teacher, and social media manager of Chef Karter. You will often find her in the kitchen teaching, assisting. or learning alongside her foodie 6-year-old, Karter. Santana thoroughly enjoys making memories in the kitchen with Karter and allowing him to explore his dreams. 



Meet Big Brother,  Z

ZaMarion (referred to as Z) is Chef Karter's big brother and trusted taste-tester. He is often seen taking the first bite of a new (or old recipe) and in food review videos with Karter. Karter depends on Z because he knows his big brother will keep it real!




Meet Little Brother, Harley

Harley is Karter's little brother and best friend. Harley is typically in snack review videos with Karter trying new snacks. He's not a big foodie but definitely loves everything junk food, lol.  





Meet Little Sister/Sous Chef, Sailor

Sailor is the little sister and princess of the Tribe. She is often seen jumping in his videos, repeating everything Karter says in his reviews and trying to take over the kitchen.  She has a love for food and cooking like her big brother, Karter, and will be joining him in the kitchen soon. Chef Sailor loading.



Not Pictured but vital to the team:

Meet Gregory, Daddy of the Tribe

Gregory is the cameraman, hype man and package handler for Chef Karter. He is usually behind the scenes, so he isn't seen often. He is essential to the team and often helps keep the team focused.