Chef Karter with his new seasonings, Sweet Cajun and The Kitchen Sink.

4-year-old Aspiring Chef Launches First Business

Chef Karter is a 4-year-old aspiring chef! His mission is to kindle the love of art through food, fashion and faith. He has loved to cook since the age of two. You know, it all started out as “oh he’s pretending to cook, how cute.” Have you ever thought that a child could be displaying their love, passion and gifts at a young age? Many times no, we think oh it’s just kids playing. We thought the same thing until all he did was pretend he was cooking whether he was playing inside or outside. I mean, we ate so much pretend food we were almost full for real. Lol! When you’re pretending with Karter you can eat whatever you like, so many times we would always eat seafood. We love some good crab legs, shrimp and catfish!!! I’m just saying, why not eat unlimited seafood for FREE, well somewhat?! Karter not only prepares the orders, but he takes them too. He just may be on to something.  We don’t know his vision, but we do know his love and passion. He’s already said he’s going to be the greatest chef in the world and own both food trucks and restaurants! Our role as parents is to invest in him and help him attain his goals. The Chef Karter seasoning line was the first investment of many. If you haven’t check it out, go to his website at 

Chef Karter’s vision is to be a professional chef and show everyone that you can use your gift to go pro in any profession. You know, Karter was the biggest baby out of all his siblings. He wore a size 3T at 6 month, yes you read it correctly. So, often times growing up people would say, oh he’s going to be a football player. He’s going to play basketball. I mean, we thought he’d play ball too. We always introduce our kids to sports as an extracurricular activity and pray they can be successful in the field, let’s just say go pro! But, what if something happens? I mean sports is not an option. What if? We learned early that Karter has asthma and it’s one of those things that we work hard to manage. He sometimes have severe asthma episodes that limit many activities.  Therefore, it can be iffy for sports, but you know what... that’s okay because like the Lebron campaign he is More Than An Athlete. He may not get the opportunity to be a professional ball player but we know he can become a professional chef! 

Besides his loves for cooking, Karter also enjoys learning, fashion, animals and his family. Karter said, “I love [cooking] because it makes people happy.” I'm so happy he is thinking of others instead of himself. Chef Karter’s main values include providing meals and care packages to the homeless, as you're never too young to make a difference. He hopes to allow people to be fashionable while working so he started a fun chef clothing line. But mainly he wants to show others that cooking is fun.  Karter wants to add just a little sprinkle of love, food, laughter, and fun to connect people with creativity. Chef Karter’s business and mission will show other kids cooking is a great extracurricular activity or career and its not only for adults.

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I over love Chef Karter & his phenomenal content! he’s the little chef that i look at as a little brother. i will continue to support you and your family, you guys are great!

Chef Dada

I received my seasoning today and used them immediately OMG. I love the flavor and my Son who is a picky eater did too! Telling all my friends and Family about Chef Karter…..will be reordering.

Tammy Cooper

Thanks for the invite to view your son’s website. I tell you, this just touched my soul. I’m so glad you didn’t push him into sports but encouraged him to follow his heart and to do what he loves, which is cooking. True cooks best ingredient is love and i think that is what he cooks with. i will definitely be following him and praying that he continues on the path that he is on. I look forward to seeing him owning his own restaurants and visiting one of them. Great job, Karter….continue to follow your dream.

Pamela Jackson

I am one of ur biggest fans on IG keep up the great work that u r doing ur food looks 😋


I would love to try your seasoning. How much are they? Your story is very inspiring. Great job! Annie Harris


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