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Chef Karter's custom-blended spices are made with natural herbs and spices.

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Who is Chef Karter?

Chef Karter is a 6-year-old foodie and entreprenuer, who absolutely loves cooking (and EATING, lol). He first displayed his interest and love for cooking around the age of 2. Everything he did (and still does) involved pretending to cook.

After noticing his love for both food and cooking, we introduced him to the kitchen. Karter is super attentive, alert and bursting with excitment to watch people enjoy his food.

Karter is the owner of his own taste-bud popping custom spice line. Chef Karter has all natural spices, honey, and a food inspired t-shirt line. The goal of the spice business is to fund his dreams of owning his own restaurants and food truck. It would be so cool to open a little Chef Karter's Bistro!

Besides cooking Karter enjoys family, fashion, basketball, and helping others. He has a heart of gold and loves to make you say YUM!


The kitchen cabinet holds all Chef Karter’s products. Grab his flavorful, mouth-watering seasonings for all your meals and snacks.  He also has chef-inspired t-shirts and custom cookware items.